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Tenerife has an excellent and varied offer of golf courses. There are a total of seven courses spread over different areas of the island, although most of them, specifically five, are concentrated in the south and southwest, the areas with the hottest and driest climate. In the north of the island, which is cooler and cloudier, you will find the other two. There's another great field located on the fabulous island of La Gomera, less than an hour by boat from Tenerife and with many attractions that make it worthwhile to travel a few days to meet them.

If you are planning to visit the island for a period of one week or 10 days, you will surely be wondering which course is better, which area is better to stay in or how to distribute your time on the island to make the most of your holiday time. So, how do I know which course should I choose? Which is the best golf course on the island of Tenerife? Or more importantly, which course will best suit my style of play and therefore which one will I enjoy most?

Golfing Tenerife offers a short but useful guide in order to solve these questions and try to make your Tenerife golfing holidays as good as possible. For this purpose we offer objective information about the location of the courses, the green fees, the climate of the area, and another more subjective one focused on the different courses and their peculiarities, opinions that obviously do not have to be shared by all the players, and that only intend to provide some more information and help choosing which golf course to enjoy in your holidays on Tenerife island.

In addition, we offer information about some of the best accommodations that you can find next to the golf courses in case you are interested in a particular one, saving time on the way to the course and gaining time to enjoy the many other charms the island has to offer, some of which we also detail at Golfing Tenerife to help making your experience on the island as good as possible.

In the different sections of our web site you will find useful information about the golf courses in Tenerife and some excellent accommodation options of different types, styles and prices, which we consider recommendable due to their quality, services or location. And finally a small section where you will find information about the most interesting places to visit on the island of Tenerife.