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It was hard to find a space in the heart of the largest tourist centre in the south of Tenerife between hotels and apartment blocks to build a golf course, but Golf Las Americas managed to do so. And thanks to its great design you almost never have the feeling of being surrounded by bricks everywhere, which is one of the great advantages of this course.

It is a not excessively long field, except for three or four pairs 4 around 400 meters long which are without no doubt the most complicated to add a good result. The limits of the field are relatively far from the fairways and bounded by walls, so except for a very large error should not affect the game too much. The climate in the area is magnificent and the wind barely blows, so its influence on the game is also quite limited.

The highest danger on the route is undoubtedly the water hazards, which are abundant and not always very evident or visible, so it is likely that we will take some displeasure if we lose the fairway. Both par 3s and par 5s are not excessively long or complicated (obviusly if you avoid water..), so they should be good opportunities to improve your score.

The extension where the field is located is small so almost all the fairways run next to each other, so we usually have a "good side" where to fail in case of doing so. The vegetation around the fairways is not too narrow and the rough is usually not too high, so most of the time recovery shots from outside the fairway are quite feasible.

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The course is quite flat and has no unevenness (except for holes 4 and 9), so we will always have good visibility of both the landing area of the ball from the tee and in the green shots, so it's a very comfortable course to manage when we play it for the first time, and makes it one of the most comfortable and pleasant courses to play without boogie on the island.

The greens do not have excessive slopes and these are easy to read, so in general being close to the pin will always give us a clear opportunity to get in. But they are usually quite fast, so we must be careful especially in downhill putts with greater slope to avoid making mistakes, for example in holes 1 and 16.

So Golf Las Americas is a medium-low difficulty course, with a really good weather, just a soft wind all year long, where not much strategy is required and where if we avoid the water obstacles, we will surely see our handicap improved in several strokes.

Who will really enjoy playing in Golf Las Américas?
Surely medium-high handicap players will see better results on their cards, although more aggressive players if they avoid risks can also easily beat the course, so almost any kind of player will have a great time here.

green fees*

From 1 October to 30 April
From 1 May to 30 September
Green Fee 18 holes
110 €**
65 €**
* Prices may vary slightly. Almost all the fields have several offers, so you better check for exactly rates.

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