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15 hole amarilla golf

Located by the sea in the south of the island, very close to Tenerife South Airport, Amarilla Golf is one of the most difficult courses on Tenerife, especially because of the strong wind that prevails almost all year round. Located between ravines and with several blocks of tourist apartments very close to some holes, almost all the fairways are surrounded by water obstacles or/and out of bounds.

The vegetation that flanks the fairways, mostly palm trees, does not interfere much with the game, but neither will they help to stop the ball in case of a deflected shot, so losing the fairway is synonymous in most cases with double bogey or worse, as there are very few holes that run parallel, so we will always find obstacles on the sides.

A fundamental factor to take into account is the wind, which blows from the northeast almost all year round and use to exceeds 20 kms/h, which, added to what we have said about the obstacles, makes Amarilla Golf a real test of our game in adverse weather conditions. It should be noted that Donald Steel's magnificent design means that if the usual wind direction changes, the course maintains its difficulty, as some holes will become more favourable, but others that were simpler will become more complicated, so with whatever wind direction we find ourselves, the course maintains the same complexity.

Both in pairs 5 played somewhat conservatively due to the numerous obstacles they present and in pairs 3 is where we will find the best opportunities to lower our card. The spectacular 8th hole, one of the most beautiful on the island, deserves a special mention, because it's not very common to have to fly over the sea to reach a green.

8 hole amarilla golf

The greens in general are not very difficult to read, but they can't be considered easy, as most of them have quite a lot of undulation, so the fall depends a lot on the strength with which we throw the putt. They are also very well protected by bunkers and depressions in the terrain, so even if we have managed to reach the fairway, there is still a lot of work to do to get close to the pin and give us a chance to get in.

In short, a rather complicated field, where if the wind blows hardly (which happens quite often) can become a real torture, where going really straight has to be a fundamental factor of your game if you want to enjoy the field, but it is also a fair course, so the good game will be rewarded and will do leaving us with a feeling of pleasure and desire to play it again.

Who will really enjoy playing in Amarilla Golf?
Very straight players, with low flight long shots, large distance and those who really enjoy the difficulty.

☛ Notice: Due to the strong wind in the area it is advisable to check the forecast before booking. You can do this on this page.

green fees*

From 1 October to 30 April
From 1 May to 30 September
Green Fee 18 holes
92 €**
56 €**
Green Fee 9 holes
46 €**
35 €**
* Prices may vary slightly. Almost all the fields have several offers, so you better check for exactly rates.
** Juniors half price

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